Conference Videos

Plenary: Elizabeth A. Povinelli, “The Four Figures of the Anthropocene”

Plenary: Natalie Jeremijenko
, “Wrestling Rhinoceros Beetles, Singing with Mussels, and Other Lifestyle Experiments”

Plenary: Myra J. Hird
, “Landscapes of Terminal Capitalism, Aporias of Responsibility: Lifeworlds Inherited, Inhabited and Bequeathed”

Plenary: Stacy Alaimo
, “Your Shell on Acid: Posthuman Vulnerability, Anthropocene Dissolves”

Plenary: Juliana Spahr
, “Gender Abolition and Ecotone War”

Plenary: Claire Colebrook
, “We Have Always Been Post-Anthropocene”

Concluding Roundtable


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